Big Changes


The Southern California Lacrosse Association (SCLAX) has been around for several decades. It was a four team league, a six team league and in 2009 it went to an eight team league. It added teams again in 2010 and after peaking at 12 teams in 2013 the league has settled back into a 10 team league for the 2015 season.

With the changes in the teams came changes in league format. For the longest time it was a one division league where everyone played each other and teams from as far North as Hollywood would travel down to play a team in San Diego and vise versa. In 2010 the SCLAX decided to change it’s format and separate into a North Division and a South Division making travel less of a concern on game day. Each team played a home & away with each divisional rival and the top two teams in each division faced off against each other in the playoffs. In 2012 the playoff format was amended to include the top three teams from each division with the top team getting a first round bye.

Never satisfied with the status quo the SCLAX has tweaked it’s scheduling for the 2015 season. In the interest of upgrading the competition each team will now play a home & away with each divisional rival along with an additional home game with a team from the other division and an away game with a different team from the other division. This will add an opportunity to engage the other SCLAX teams outside of the playoffs. These “out of division” games will not count toward the divisional standings.

The final tweak for the 2015 will switch the “flag down” rule from the existing NFHS interpretation to the existing NCAA interpretation.

When an attacking team has possession and a scoring play is in progress or imminent the official will throw a flag and withhold his whistle until the scoring play is over. Loss of possession by the attacking team and the ball touches the ground other than a shot or pass or if the attacking team is no longer going to the goal then the slow whistle/flag down is over and the whistle is blown.

All in all the 2015 SCLAX looks to be shaping up as an exciting season. With the explosive growth of the sport both in numbers and quality more and more players are looking for a place to play after college. The SCLAX is here for that purpose.