About The SCLAX

The Southern California Lacrosse League (SCLAX) is a post collegiate men’s lacrosse league that spans multiple decades in Southern California. As recently as 2009 the league was composed of eight teams including Adrenaline Lacrosse Club, Forty Thieves Lacrosse Club, Quiksilver Lacrosse Club & San Diego Lacrosse Club in the Southern Division and Beverly Hills Lacrosse Club, Hollywood Lacrosse Club , Newport Beach Lacrosse Club & South Bay Lacrosse Club in the North Division. Team L-A-X was added to the North Division in 2010, Babe City Lacrosse Club was added to the South Division in 2011 and in 2012, Beachcomber Lacrosse Club and Shooterz Lacrosse Club joined the South Division and Babe City Lacrosse Club was moved to the North Division leaving the SCLAX expanded to six teams in the North & Six teams in the South.

The SCLAX uses two U S Lacrosse certified college level officials for regular season games and assigns three aforementioned officials for all playoff games. With a few exceptions the games are played under the NFHS rules on regulation lacrosse fields including the offensive boxes in most cases.

A complete list of the rule exceptions are listed on our website.

For the first time in the leagues history the SCLAX is setting up a “Development League” for the spring of 2013. The teams will play a reduced 6-8 game schedule under the same rules as the regular SCLAX League using the same officials. This “Development League” will serve to allow the SCLAX to manage new league entries to ensure that the teams will have the qualified rosters and administrative resources to compete in the SCLAX the following year. As of now we will be adding Navy Gold, Camp Pendleton Marines and the Ventura County Bombers as the 2013 Development Teams. The deadline for entry is November 30th. If you have serious interest in joining the SCLAX contact Gary Greenbaum @ gjgreen67@gmail.com or call 310-991-4060